‘The truth is not on Johnny Depp’s side’


  • Amber Heard said that when the truth is not on your side, the person will step on the podium
  • Several Twitter users reacted to Heard’s statement, saying that Johnny Depp’s attorney destroyed his testimony.
  • Heard’s fans continued to rally to support her amid the backlash she faced during the trial.

Amber Heard released a statement before her questioning in the ongoing defamation trial against her in Virginia.

After going on hiatus for ten days, Johnny Depp’s trial against Heard resumed on Monday. Prior to testifying, the “Aquaman” star shared a statement about his expectations for cross-examination with Depp’s attorneys in court.

“There’s an old adage of trial lawyers: when the facts are on your side, argue the facts; when the facts aren’t on your side, hit the podium. Today, we expect Depp’s lawyers to hit the victim,” he said. Heard in a statement released through his spokesperson and obtained by People.

“We fear it will be equally shameful and desperate,” the statement continued. “And, the overwhelming evidence – the truth – is not on Depp’s side. The one thing we suspect Depp’s lawyers will avoid is the central question of this trial: Does Amber or any woman have a First Amendment right to free speech? “

The “London Fields” star was questioned by attorney Camille Vasquez, one of Depp’s attorneys. Vasquez presented a series of photos of Heard after the alleged violent altercation, where she appeared to have no bruises or other physical marks, Variety reported.

Heard insisted that she hide the marks, including what she thought was a broken nose, with makeup.

“You should see how it looked under the makeup,” Heard said.

Meanwhile, Twitter users immediately reacted to Heard’s statement after watching the interrogation. According to them, Vasquez was great in exposing Heard.

“Camille Vasquez destroyed all her testimony today. Give her all the flowers,” said one commented.

“Hahahahaaha ok for sure. She didn’t know she was about to get caught lying multiple times by Camille,” another added.

“Someone go tell his spokesperson that this statement hasn’t aged well, but the truth is indeed on Depp’s side because Amber lied multiple times under oath,” a third person tweeted.

“#AmberHeard under interrogation is really shocking. People who don’t have the truth on their side falter when called to the stand. They literally don’t have the receipts to keep the lie. [The] the truth always [come] outside”, a room added.

Despite the backlash, Heard’s supporters remain solid in their faith that she was telling the truth.

“I am proud to support a woman who is confident, honest, dignified and driven by [the] strength and bravery like Amber Heard for 6 years”, a I wrote. “She always stands up for what’s right and can look back knowing she was always on the right side of the truth.”

“In awe of this woman’s beauty, power and courage. It’s also possible she’s never looked so beautiful! Her strength to tell the world her past is undeniable. To fight all enemies and bullshit and walk through fire… # IStandWithAmberHeard forever! I love her!” another supporter I wrote.

“I can’t take this doctor seriously tbh. Amber is right, he’s not saying anything important about this report. He’s paid by Depp anyway as he wouldn’t align with Amber’s story. #IStandWithAmberHeard”, one third user added.

“I love her”, another fan I wrote when sharing a photo of Heard.

Depp issued a statement following Heard’s testimony. According to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, the actress “delivers[ed] ‘the performance of your life'”, as they expected.

“While Ms. Heard’s stories continued to grow new and convenient details, Mr. Depp’s memories have remained exactly the same over the painful six years since his first allegations were made. His truth – the truth – is the same, no matter what environment it was presented in,” said Depp’s team.

Depp’s attorney also warned that the cross-examination “will be very revealing” and “will certainly highlight the many fallacies” that Heard allegedly tried to pass off as “fact throughout his complicated deposition.”

A combination of photos showing American actress Amber Heard as she testifies in Fairfax County Circuit Court A combination of photos showing American actress Amber Heard as she testifies in Fairfax County Circuit Court Photo: POOL via AFP / Steve Helber

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