TikToker goes viral revealing crazy items from McDonald’s menu in Italy

It’s no surprise to learn that McDonald’s regionalizes its offerings. Go overseas and you’re sure to find a crazy riff on familiar foods. A TikToker exposing how the Italian McDonald’s changes went viral for the quintessential Italian flair.

TikToker ‘_amberjs’ started an unintended trend, racking up 3 million views in the process, by shooting a video at a local McDonald’s while on vacation in Italy.

Captioned “Things at Italian McDonald’s That Make Sense,” the video shows TikToker making the ‘mano a borsa’ or ‘finger bag’ gesture while heading to a self-service machine.

On the machine we see a “Parmigiano Reggiano snack”. A block of the beloved cheese in a foil wrapper, sold for €1. Colloquially, the treat is known as ‘pocket cheese’.


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♬ original sound – Olivia

Just above the block of Italian cheese, we also get a glimpse of an item on Italian menus that we missed.

McCrunchy Bread with Nutella is another tasty treat seemingly unique to the Mediterranean country. Comments were quick to note the existence of both items, with McDonald’s itself weighing in on the conversation, commenting “when in Rome”.

Enhancing the existence of cheese and the joy it should bring to Italian people, one comment stated: “This is a little bit of heaven for Italians. Do they have red wine to go with it?”

This isn’t the first time the adorable cheese blocks have caught TikTok’s attention. Late last year, an Italian music and comedy group called Lionfield came out to evaluate cheese in their area.


Parmesan cheese at McDonald’s @Ario Bar #lionfieldmusic #comedy #mcdonalds #parmesan #italian

♬ L’Italiano – Toto Cutugno

After ordering in Italian, the duo rushed home for a taste test. Declaring “It looks like butter”. besides saying “It’s cute”. After taking a bite, the two comedians give the cheese the Italian seal of approval.

Fueling viewers’ imaginations, the video’s main commentary asked, “Does anyone else want an international McDonald’s where you can order country-specific foods?”

Which supposedly already exists in the United States at “McDonald’s state-of-the-art three-story restaurant in Times Square on the corner of Broadway and 45th Street”, where the international curious can sample ‘world favourites’.

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