Tourist live streams his own robbery in Naples

Italian politicians have called for greater police presence in Naples after a young Swedish tourist was robbed while live streaming from her phone.

Social media personality Elina was chatting with her 31,800 followers live on Twitch for nearly half an hour before peering down a dark, narrow alley and making light of Naples’ reputation as a dangerous city.

“If I died on camera or on broadcast, I think it would be good content, not in that sense, but it would make me famous,” Elina told her followers, seconds before an unidentified assailant passed her on a scooter and snatched her away. there. Her phone.

Italy’s third-largest city has struggled for decades to overcome its reputation as a dangerous tourist destination because of its association with the mafia and petty crime.

“I kind of lost track of where I was, so maybe I found a bad area and a bad street,” said Elina, who does not use her last name publicly.

“Naples was cool, apart from what happened,” said the 24-year-old from Uppsala The Independent. “An Italian lady came up to me and was nice, she gave me her number to call my parents, my dad was just a few streets away.”

The full-time streamer was stunned and without a phone, but said she’s seen an increase in followers because of the incident. “Some good Neapolitans have come together to offer their condolences for what happened,” she said from her brother’s phone.

The Italians took to Instagram and Twitter to comment. “I feel sorry for you. I’m also from Napoli and this is a cancer of my city”, wrote a user of the social network.

“I’ll keep streaming if I can get my account back, I’ll try streaming on my iPad and then I’ll go home and rest and buy a new phone,” she said. “I’m trying to take this with a little humor.”

But local officials like councilor Francesco Borrelli, who have fought crime in Naples for decades, took the matter seriously.

“The return of tourists must be defended, intensified controls on downtown streets,” Borrelli said on Twitter.

“We cannot allow the city to be handed over to criminals … we want a livable Naples where tourists can enjoy its beauty without being robbed,” Borrelli told local media on Sunday. “We are not going to let people say that Naples is a city to stay away from, we are going to put criminals on the run, not tourists.”

While the port city sees a positive rise in tourism, it is still struggling to emerge from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and insiders in the hospitality business have spoken out against petty crimes and the repercussions they are having on national and international arrivals to Naples.

“In just a few hours in the center of the city, where most tourists are concentrated, there were seven robberies,” the head of the Naples hostels committee, Fabrizio de Lella, said on Sunday.

“On their scooters, delinquents steal cell phones, going through alleys, where walking is prohibited – this means that there is a lack of control of the territory and criminals act with impunity.”

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