Tracy McGrady: Durant and Irving are the most skilled duo of all time

Tracy McGrady: Durant and Irving are the most skilled duo of all time

Tracy McGrady knows a thing or two about dynamic duos.

The Hall of Fame guard has dressed alongside a number of talented teammates including Yao Ming, Grant Hill and even his cousin Vince Carter.

McGrady’s basketball trip is well traveled and earlier this week he joined Shannon Sharpe on “Club Shay Shay” to discuss his career, the current NBA landscape and the best duos he’s ever seen.

According to McGrady, none compare to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

“I haven’t seen such a skilled duo since Mike [Jordan] and Scottie Pippen,” McGrady said this week on the podcast. “Pip had an offensive game – he averaged 20 points – and Mike was great. Pip didn’t have what Kyrie has in her bag. There is no other dynamic duo that compares to them. Even if you look at what LeBron [James] and Dwayne Wade were, in terms of skill, they’re still not playing those two.”

“Kyrie has a very deep sack,” McGrady continued. “He’s got a few bags in his back. I’ve only seen Rod Strickland finish as good as he can on the hoop. He was one of the biggest finishers that size I’ve ever seen. Kevin Durant’s height is what makes him so unique. He’s 2, 1 meter, and being able to shoot the ball and be so efficient… this man is shooting 50-odd percent and they’re all jumpers. That’s insane to me. His height is what makes him so unique and dynamic.”

Wade and James did not disagree with McGrady’s comments, even those about their own Miami duo.

Both Sharpe and Skip Bayless agreed with McGrady’s assessment in Wednesday’s “Undisputed.”

“I think sometimes skill and being better are confused,” Sharpe said. “I think Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes are more skilled at the quarterback position than Tom Brady. Brady can’t throw the ball in motion as accurately as these guys can.

“Kyrie from the free-throw line to the rim, there’s no one who [matches him]. Now we got a 7 foot guy [in Durant]. He can handle the ball like a point guard, he can shoot the 3, the midfielder is his specialty. If we’re talking offensive skill players, it’s hard to say I’ve seen two better than Kyrie and KD. They are not improve than Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, LeBron and Wade, even LeBron and Kyrie. But just skill? No one is more skilled than these two.”

The two showstoppers are currently putting their talents on full display for the world to see in the postseason.

Durant and Irving currently hold a 6-4 playoff record as teammates, averaging 54.0 PPG, 14.0 RPG, and 7.2 APG in .489/.395/.910 shooting divisions combined. They were responsible for a direct increase in points margin during last year’s postseason as Brooklyn had a +9.9 lead with both in the lineup. That number dropped to -4.3 after Irving went down with an ankle injury.

The pair haven’t had much experience together, but in the small sample size fans have seen, a skill set that many believe to be unparalleled has revealed itself to the world.

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