Trump Lies About Record Endorsement As More Of His Candidates Fight

  • Trump has lied about his endorsement record as he tried to boost the outlook for some 2022 picks.
  • Former Senator David Perdue, whom Trump supports, is fighting to overthrow Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.
  • The former president’s endorsements are being closely watched as he weighs in a run in 2024.

Former President Trump has falsely suggested he has an “immaculate” endorsement record as some of his handpicked candidates struggle to gain ground amid the GOP primaries.

“Remember, you know, my record is impeccable,” Trump told The New York Times in an interview published on Friday. “The real story should be in the endorsements – not David Perdue’s – and by the way, no races are over.”

Trump is not accurate in his description of his past record. Representatives Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina and Jake Ellzey of Texas won their primaries without her support. Trump also stuck with Roy Moore even as the Alabama judge faced sexual assault and misconduct investigations.

And the current trajectory of some of their endorsements suggests that a handful of other GOP primary losers may soon join them.

Perdue, a former US senator, is a prime example of Trump’s struggle to recruit opponents for Republican governors who angered the former president. Trump has made no secret of how much he detests Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for refusing to give in to his efforts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Recent polls show that Kemp has a dominant lead. According to an April 10-22 Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, Kemp held a 53% to 27% lead over Perdue among likely GOP primary voters. If Kemp won by such a large margin, he would have the potential for a runoff in June.

Trump doubled down on support for Kemp, a far cry from how he unceremoniously fired Representative Mo Brooks after the Alabama Republican’s US Senate campaign looked set to end badly.

The former president is meeting in Nebraska tonight with businessman Charles Herbster, whose government campaign has been beset by allegations of sexual assault. It doesn’t help that Trump has challenged Republican Governor Pete Ricketts by endorsing Herbster.

It’s not all bad news for Trump.

Your support of author JD Vance could help catapult him to a victory in the Ohio Senate primaries. And back in Georgia, there’s more promising news from MAGA at the polls. Representative Jody Hice is in a very tight contest with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, the latter of whom Trump also blames for his election defeat. Former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker, whom Trump pressured to run for long before the Republican establishment backed Walker’s campaign, appears to be heading for a prank in the US Senate primaries in Georgia.

Trump’s endorsements are being watched closely as a proxy for his dominance over the GOP and how a possible 2024 campaign would be fair.

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