Ubisoft working on a PvP Battle Arena game with Battle Royale elements – Report

Ubisoft is working on a new PvP battle arena game that could have a battle royale element, according to a new report. Eight sources confirmed this to Exputer, claiming the game is in the works at Ubisoft Bordeaux.

Ubisoft is sending out playtest emails about this title, describing it as an “innovative and modern PvP battle arena game”. The game is apparently codenamed Project Q, and its existence came to light in 2021 via the infamous Nvidia GeForce Now leak (which has accurately revealed many projects so far).

Playtests for this title are already underway, the report said. It is described as having two modes, the first of which is called “Showdown”, a twist on the battle royale with four teams of two players. The other mode is supposedly called “Battle Zone”, with two teams of four battling to score 100 points to win. Players must control parts of the map long enough to score, similar to Hardpoint in Call of Duty and Land Grab in Halo Infinite.

The game lets you choose from a roster of heroes, each with their own weapons, skills, and abilities, as well as “Wonders” that can be mixed and matched in a group of three at a time. Weapons in Project Q are said to be anything but traditional, with weapons taking the form of a deck of cards, fireworks, or batons.

Exputer reportedly saw footage of Project Q and described its art style as being similar to Knockout City or Overwatch, meaning a more stylized approach.

Ubisoft Bordeaux’s own website confirms that the team is making a “F2P PVP” game that has yet to be announced, and that could be Project Q. Exputer also reminds us that Ubisoft is developing several games in the battle royale space these days, including another called “Pathfinder”. The company’s first proper attempt at the genre was the game Hyper Scape, but it failed to find an audience and will shut down on April 28.

Fans should also remember that just because a developer has started work on a title and is testing it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be seen until launch. This is common across the industry, with gaming giant Blizzard acknowledging that it cancels around 50% of the games it develops before launch.

GameSpot has reached out to Ubisoft in an attempt to get more details on this reported new game.

In other battle royale news, Call of Duty: Warzone is adding King Kong and Godzilla in May.

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