USFL Week 7 Best Plays: Big Man Catch, Big Fake Kick, and More

With the playoffs fast approaching, Week 7 of the USFL season was filled with exciting moments.

And while the New Jersey Generals and Birmingham Stallions made headlines by claiming postseason berths, there were plenty of great plays from across the league.

Here are the best plays from week 7.

Top USFL Plays of Week 7: Corbin Kaufusi, Bobby Holly, and More

Top USFL Plays of Week 7: Corbin Kaufusi, Bobby Holly, and More

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe detail their best USFL plays from Week 7.

Big Man of the Week Capture: Corbin Kaufusi, Tampa Bay Bandits

Offensive linemen aren’t generally known for their soft hands, but most of them haven’t played college basketball either, as Kaufusi did at BYU. Kaufusi showed those hands on Saturday against the generals, catching the ball in the air and snoring for 32 yards.

“That man is 6’1″. 320. He takes the ball over his shoulder,” Shannon Sharpe said in “Undisputed.” “…That’s a heckuva move. That’s pretty impressive, a man that size to catch the ball like that. That’s not easy.”

Game of the week winner: Kyle Sloter, New Orleans Breakers

Saturday night’s Breakers-Panthers game went into overtime, the first time it has taken place this inaugural USFL season. Overtime in the USFL is almost like a football shootout, with each team getting just one play to score at the 2-yard line, in a best-of-three situation.

The Breakers stopped the Panthers on their first two tries, while also scoring on their first try. Then, on New Orleans’ second attempt, Sloter acknowledged that while his receivers were covered, he had an open path for the game’s winner.

“[Sloter] keeps doing the highlights,” Sharpe said. “Almost every week there’s a play, whether it’s a shot or he’s doing something with his feet. At some point, I’m sure NFL teams are watching these guys.”

“You can see he has some speed,” added Skip Bayless, who noted that Sloter has spent time at various NFL training camps. “He’s auditioning for one more shot at the next level.”

Trick of the week: Bobby Holly, Birmingham Stallions

The Birmingham Stallions were struggling to make their attack on Sunday against Pittsburgh, so coach Skip Holtz decided to ignite a spark with a false kick.

It worked to perfection as up-man Holly caught the snap and ran to the middle, 52 yards for a touchdown.

“Are you going to try to block a punt in midfield?” Sharpe said. “You know most of the time teams are going to hit you with the fake in midfield. Do you set up a punt block? … And the guy is like, ‘OK, I’ll take it home.’ And he has a knee pad!”

Bag of the Week: Terry Beckner Jr., Pittsburgh Maulers

The Maulers didn’t beat the Stallions on Sunday, but they had a battle, and Beckner was a big reason for that.

The Missouri defensive tackle had three tackles on the day, including a mid-burst for a fierce sack. And caught the attention of former NFL defensive end Marcellus Wiley in “Speak For Yourself.”

“The inside hands always win in football, as you can see,” said Wiley. “Once you have the inside hands, you have the leverage, you have the vision, you give them the skinny shoulder… open up, so you can have a wide radius and get the quarterback into action.”

Terry Beckner Jr. and Case Cookus make the best plays

Terry Beckner Jr.  and Case Cookus make the best plays

The monstrous sack of DT Terry Beckner Jr. of the Pittsburgh Maulers and the touchdown highlight of Philadelphia Stars QB Case Cookus in Week 7.

Air Connection of the Week: Cookus case and Jordan Suell, philadelphia stars

The Stars were trying to bounce back late in the game against Houston on Sunday when Cookus and Suell hooked up for the exact game they needed.

Cookus struggled to avoid the pressure, then threw a 39-yard javelin to Suell in the end zone. The score put Philly at 24-20, and they would go on to win 35-24.

“He rolls, but here’s my favorite part – keep your eyes on the field,” said Emmanuel Acho. “Defenders were fighting when you come out of the pocket. He finds Suell. Big throw, big catch is going to beat big cover every time.”

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