Valheim player builds a Stargate

A Valheim player combines some mods with the game’s building mechanics to create a massive Stargate made of wood and stone.

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Valheim has a great mix of game mechanics that allows players the freedom to change their world and create new things. With this power, Valheim gamers have spent time since the game’s release flexing their creativity with homages and custom creations. In the most recent example of this, a player created an amazing homage to the stargate franchise.

Valheim is a survival and sandbox game that puts players in an open but hostile world. The building mechanics allow players to collect wood and stone and use these materials to create a wide variety of structures. The creator mentions SG-1 in his post which is a reference to Stargate SG-1the television series that ran for 10 seasons between 1997 and 2007.


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This player creation comes from u/OhhhBoyyyyy, and is instantly recognizable by any Stargate SG-1 fan. In this player’s world there is a huge stargate which rests on a stone platform. The player mixed wood and stone in this creation and even added runes to create more Nordic feel to this sci-fi tech piece. The video goes through the entire structure and shows how it appears both day and night. There are several blue torches that surround this structure, as well as from Valheim Thistle plants, which add a pleasant glow to any creation. The scene is reminiscent of the science fiction series, keeping within the aesthetic field that Valheim players are used to.

As viewers of the show can see, visiting the world of Valheim may not be beneficial to characters from Stargate SG-1. While there are some powerful weapons in the game, the mythological world doesn’t have much in the way of advanced technologies or useful allies. For those players looking to recreate this structure, they will need to add several mods, including Gizmo, ColorfulSigns, and PlantEverything.

While the building system inside Valheim can lead to some awesome creations, mods can take player creativity to new heights. Mods help expand the foundation of success the game establishes and allow players more freedom to expand and push the game to its limits.

On the other hand, mods aren’t for everyone. Survival games especially appeal to players who enjoy the challenge of base game mechanics. While mods can lead to more intense builds, they may feel like too much of an expansion for some. Either way, this creation is a stunning tribute to a memorable series.

Valheim is now available for PC.

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