Videos from the Arizona Wildfire show the burning state and the tunnel fire seen from space

Dramatic videos showed the Tunnel Fire burning in Arizona, with nearly 6,000 acres now on fire. Clouds of smoke from the fire were also captured in satellite imagery from space.

The Tunnel Fire, which is located about 22 kilometers northeast of Flagstaff, Coconino County, began on Sunday, April 17, and has since spread rapidly due to “extremely strong winds,” the Fire Information Network said. Arizona Emergency (AEIN) on Tuesday.

Officials said the fire was at zero containment as of Tuesday night, while more than 200 firefighters and staff are currently assigned to it.

A video, captured by Lisa Bussett, shows large amounts of smoke emanating from the fire on April 19 as she drives down a road through a forested area. The smoke becomes thicker as visibility decreases.

“I woke up to a windy yet peaceful loneliness from seeing moose grazing at our campsite while having my breakfast,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “A few hours later, my phone started ringing with emergency alerts to evacuate the area.

“Even though I couldn’t see the smoke where I was, the fire isn’t far from the start of the road we were camping on, so I quickly threw things on the bed and got out of there. inside a dry forest… Fortunately, we did just as USFS rangers were arriving to clear everyone.”

Another clip, posted to Facebook by Arizona Wildfire Management (AWM) on Tuesday, shows the fire burning several trees and vegetation to the ground at night.

#TunnelFire Flagstaff. This wind-driven, fast-moving fire won’t stop and will eat everything in its path. If you’re in a Go status, get out!…

“This fast-moving, wind-powered fire won’t stop and will eat everything in its path. If you’re in a GO status, get out!” said AWM.

On Tuesday morning, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office began evacuation operations in the Timberline-Fernwood areas north of Flagstaff along Highway 89 after receiving a “GO” order for nearby residents. to the fire.

A GO order means that people in affected areas must evacuate immediately due to imminent and life-threatening danger. The Red Cross has set up a shelter at a local school for people affected by the evacuations.

tunnel fire
The Tunnel Fire near Flagstaff, Arizona. An estimated 6,000 acres are currently on fire.
Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management via Storyful

“I can’t emphasize enough how quickly this fire is moving northeastward,” U.S. Forest Service fire management officer True Brown said Tuesday night, according to the Associated Press. emphasizing the importance of leaving the fire area.

More than 2,000 people live in the affected area, according to officials. As of Tuesday, more than 700 families had been evacuated in Coconino County, said county supervisor Patrice Horstman.

Another video, posted to Facebook by Midwest & Great Lakes Storm Chasers, shows the Tunnel Fire from space in images captured by a satellite.

Tunnel fire satellite underway in Arizona. US 89 closed north of Flagstaff. US 89 is closed in both directions north of Flagstaff due to weeds…

The video description noted that Highway 89 was closed in both directions north of Flagstaff due to the fire between landmarks 425 and 435.

The cause of the tunnel fire is still under investigation, according to officials. The number of structures lost to date has yet to be confirmed, but the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office has estimated that around 25 were destroyed as a result of the fire, with many more at risk.

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors declared a state of emergency due to the impacts of the tunnel fire. This allows the county to receive emergency funds and request assistance from the state of Arizona.

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