Weird Skyrim Clip Shows NPC’s Head Moving After Death

who has played The elder roams Skyrim know that the game contains its fair share of bugs and oddities. Open world games are often full of them, with some bugs causing major headaches for players, while others only serve as temporary fun.

ONE Skyrim player encountered one of these bugs after the death of a bard in the game. While the bard was dead, a glitch caused the musician to appear as if he was bobbing his head in a high-speed rhythm.

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The Skyrim The clip was shared on Reddit by user Emery_Darkholme, who seems to be enjoying the encounter quite a bit. The clip is brief, showing the bard’s head nodding, while the rest of him remains completely still, as you would expect from a dead NPC. Instead of leaving it at that, the player superimposed a fast-paced version of a song Markiplier used in the endings of his videos, perfectly matching the rhythm of the head bobbing.

It is not entirely clear what caused this Skyrim fails, although it could have been something as simple as a collision error. In many games, when two objects cross, it can create a violent reaction until one or both objects are no longer occupying the same space. It could also have been a simple physical glitch, which is a pretty common sight in the game.

Regardless of the cause, other players had a lot of fun with the scene. Many thought the bard was a metalhead, still headbanging even in death. Others made a comparison with Family man‘s Quagmire, who often makes a similar move on the show. Either way, it’s a harmless glitch that just provides a little humor for the Dragonborn.

While there have been reports of some game-breaking glitches in the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim, for the most part, any remaining glitches should be relatively mild, like this one. After all, the game is over a decade old at this point, and many fixes have been deployed to fix the most notorious issues with the game when it was still new. some of the rest Skyrim glitches can actually be used to the player’s advantage. Others just provide bizarre moments like these that make the game even more memorable, in their own way.

With starfield‘s looming, fans of Bethesda’s games will have to find out if the oddities their games are known for also show up in the new title. It will feature a new game engine, so anything is possible.

Skyrim The Anniversary Edition is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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